About Me

Professionally, I run a Public Relations firm but that’s about work! Personally, I believe wanderlust came inherited to me. My mom is a voracious traveler, she travelled all over the world and I guess the travel gene came down to me.  Coming from an armed forces background, I visited and travelled extensively across the country, from big towns to small ones, and from thereon my love for traveling, meeting new people, exploring new cultures just grew and grew. Luckily enough I got a whole lot of opportunities and managed to visit quite a few places in India and across the globe. Of these, I also chanced upon small, not so known destinations and resorts that were just “breathless” and I felt I must share these with fellow travellers like me. This blog is all about these little known “gems”, the not so touristy places, although occasionally a little touristy destination might pop-up. I hope you will enjoy reading the blog and please feel free to leave your suggestions and comments.

You are also welcome to be a guest writer on this post by sharing your story about your favourite “gem of a place.” Please leave your contact details in the contact us section and I will come back to you soon!
Happiness & travels always,
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