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I always wanted to write and was pretty sure of that, and soon enough I was writing poems, short stories, personal diaries, expense diaries (!) and so on so forth. It went on to doodling on office notebooks, newspaper pages, paper tea cups, leaflets etc until the idea of blogging hit me. Once I was decided that I would write my own blog, I decided to do a search on other/ popular blogs on templates, designs etc. The extensive search left me awed and a bit intimated (so many good blogs out there!) and I decided that it was perhaps better for me to focus on writing a blog first. I went to my creative copy writer friend who gave me a priceless tip which was “write as if you were talking to a friend / anyone else and then start deleting what you don’t want”. Good tip, and I was quite kicked up about the approach. Armed with this tip, I went back to my search all energized. After spending many days, reading different blogs, looking at content, topics, I realized that it didn’t really matter how your blog looked or what the template was, what really mattered was how true the blogger’s thoughts were and how heartfelt his opinion was about the topic. That was really the common thread amongst all the blogs I thought were really good. No fancy jargon s, no article rip-offs, just straight in the face thoughts, ideas and emotions about what the bloggers thought about the topics that mattered most for them. People get enough of news and opinions everyday through various mediums – TV, newspapers, magazines, websites and so on, but what people really want to listen to are other people’s genuine thoughts and comments – as morbid the topic may be or just idle ramblings about life etc. Just pure emotion. One example of this is a nice blog called Indianhomemaker. Must visit if you are doing a recommended blogs search. Quite inspiring really and true to the line, that if you do plan to blog, then blog with your heart and soul and see the difference it makes to you and the people around you.

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