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Strange bedfellows they would make but not really – the travel world is warming up to a relatively new concept that offers you the luxury you want in the midst of wilderness with quality of me time at hand – Luxurious self-catering farm cottages. Farm cottages and luxury, you would ask? Yes, you read that right.

I got one such chance, and my first experience, at a recent stay at a self-catering luxurious farm house cottage in South Wales – the Cilhendre Fawr Farm Cottages.

Picture this – vast green landscape, plush green hills dotted with specks of white cottages, a beautiful little town and a quaint little farm located on top of a hill surrounded by acres of empty green fields. Driving from London (about 5 hours in all), your first memory of arriving at the Farm is driving up a lovely hill road flanked by trees all around. Green, yellow, orange leaves – autumn is the new spring.

Cottage exterior shot

You enter the Farm to see a stony grey building with white windows and no balconies. Wrong place maybe? Or perhaps it’s a barn? A stable? It’s a bit disappointing at first, to be honest, but the building definitely does not give an inkling of what it holds – do not judge a building by its look.

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First of all, we went in the wrong season (two weeks ago). Tigers were supposedly mating and therefore we weren’t able to see them (so told us the guide at Jim Corbett National Park very happily). I personally, think Corbett has handful of tigers left and the guide was conning us.

Either ways, I think off-season is also not a bad time to go Corbett. Tourist traffic is less and most importantly, you can avail great package for a short 3 day stay at some of the best resorts – like we did at the Corbett Woods Resort which is a pretty nice resort. In all, we paid Rs 6000 (USD 100) per person for a 3 day/ 2 night stay, all meals, taxes, one safari and one nature walk inclusive. The resort is semi-luxurious and offers tents and cottages both. It also has a medium size pool, a facility that most resorts in Corbett don’t have. It also has a mini playground for kids and a central hall for buffet and meals. The staff is nice and helpful but the cook steals the show completely – he really should be participating in Masterchef or some other culinary talent hunt. Just amazing. If you do go there, do ask him to make pepper-paneer (cottage cheese) or butter chicken for you. It’s finger licking good.

Resort pictures

While the entire staff is good, a special note goes out to this young boy, Amit Negi – very helpful and prompt. Was always by our side! The location of the resort is pretty scenic too – the resort is located by the riverside and if you are upto a nature walk then the resort manager (who is also a guide) will take you for a nature walk deep into the jungle. Two of the people, we were traveling got chased by a crazy elephant during the nature walk and had their adrenalin pumping pretty high!

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