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5 years ago, my friend (Sanjeev) and I – we worked together in a advertising agency then – stood at the top of a hill in Sitla, Mukhteshwar and proclaimed loudly “we will build our dream cottage here!”. We laughed at our ambitious dreams and made our way back to Delhi, back to the steely offices and busy work lives. Only that Sanjeev did not and decided to chase his dream seriously. Cut to today, Sanjeev has just completed this beautiful cottage at the very exact point where we had made that promise to oursleves. It took years of hardwork and multiple trips from Delhi to Sitla and finally he is now a proud owner of PlumRose Home Stay cottage. Fully furnished, the cottage is equipped with every modern luxury, a caretaker and has a beautiful view of the Nanda devi range. It is open to guests and the cost is approximately Rs 2000 per adult (USD 33) with all meals included; and Rs 1500 per  (USD 25)adult for bed & breakfast.Bonfire, driver stay and anything extra can be arranged at nominal extra cost.

Guests interested in stay can contact Sanjeev at 9999007796/8285007796 or you can drop an email at The cottage is about 9 hours drive from Delhi (via Haldwani – Bhowali – Nathukuaan – Sitla) and you can reach there by train as well( take Ranikhet Express or Kathgodam Shatabdi to Kathgodam and then taxi to Sitla)

If you need more details, please contact Sanjeev and he will send you a nice presentation:)



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Picture & review courtesy – Rafi Qadar Khan

Imagine if you could wake up in the morning and not drive to work; chill-out by the river and have breakfast by river side. How would you feel? This is how my colleague described his experience of his stay at The Park Woods, Shogi last weekend. The grin was wide and all I could do was to fume with great ferocity:) . Nevertheless, the “it’s a great place” rant went on and on and hence the decision to blog about it.

The Park Woods resort is in Shogi, a small place near Shimla in Himachal Pradesh. It’s a quaint little resort and quite well known to people living nearby but adequately isolated enough for you to enjoy a quiet little weekend in the midst of the beauty of nature. The good thing about the resort is it has nice little cottages and is a comfortable stay for both family and individual travelers – so you can plan your trip by yourself, friends or with family. The resort has a lot of activities for children and they can stay pretty busy with games, trekking, obstacle course and all. If you aren’t too much in the “touristy” thing and want to avoid the rush, you can choose to park yourself by the river in Dhoodhasagar (12 kilometers away) and order your breakfast and lunch there – basking in the sun, feet in the river water and food by the side – what more could you want?

The resort is an approximate 7 hours drive from Delhi and if you are going from Delhi, then you can take the Delhi-Chandigarh- Shimla route. The resort is just 18 kms before Shimla and there are enough signages to guide you once you are on the Shimla highway. The resort is not on the main road and you will have to go approximately 2.7 kms off the road and then walk down a path for about 80 metres to reach the resort. Since the resort is popular, you may want to check if you need to do prior booking esp in the summer months. A weekend stay per person is Rs 3000/- inclusive of all 3 meals, barbecue and activities.

For more details you can visit their website: If you have any review based questions, please don’t hesitate to ask:)



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