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On a cold Saturday morning,  I decided to call this old school friend of mine who’s a homemaker and mom of two kids, and do a general roundup of how’s life progressing for us. Our little tete-a-tete with me buried in the blanket in biting cold (I live in Delhi) and she hanging from her balcony with a hot cuppa of tea (in Mumbai) soon came around to her kids and family and her little business venture. Always witty with an amazing sense of humour, my friend has an unbelievable way of describing situations, objects and people…and specific to this post, the kids. So she has two really cute kids and likes to call them….and you wouldn’t have heard of this before….Mercedes and Audi! …completely in splits, I asked her why she called them so and pat came the reply – because they are so expensive, not only to have but also to raise!!:) ….and my dear friend explained how catering to kids demands now days is no less than maintaining a luxury car!! with all their demands for toys, expensive domestic and International holidays, tech gadgets and Indian holidays, and birthday parties, clothes..etc…  the list was never ending. True that!, this set me off thinking and I decided to do a secret audit with my other friends (with a little  prompting of course) and wasn’t too surprised with the response ….some parents called themselves as ATM’s:) some did call their kids Audi etc. the overall sentiment was that no doubt kids were under a lot of pressure to match up to their peers and that catering to kids wishes for parents was no longer a kid’s play! Phew.

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